Car Wrapping

With the total or partial wrap, you can imagine a completely new vehicle. By choosing films, that are glued directly over the original color of the vehicle, will be a vehicle, in a couple of days, transformed into an enviable hotrod, which reflects the styling of the owner. In addition, it has a decorative role, foil car also protects against scratches, fading colors, sand and chemicals that are on the roads in winter, and many other negative environmental influences.

Of course, in the case of the removal of the film, its no problem to establish the original state of the car without injuries, costs and adhesive residues.

By Car wrapping we can obtain uniqueness of the vehicle, cheaper and faster changing the color of the vehicle compared with conventional methods and also protecting automotive surfaces from UV and mechanical impact. As well as the added value of used vehicles, becose the paint is like new after removing the foil, also the used car value, becose we added new life/look to your car.

We only use the highest quality wrapping film from manufacturers AVERY Dennison, HEXIS, MACTAC ...